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Web Development

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React Running App

React (also referred to as React.js or ReactJS) is a JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces. I contributed to this running application with the help of my teammates for our final project at Austin Coding Academy.

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Interactive Photo Gallery

Interactive image galleries are a common feature of many websites, from photo sites to e-commerce applications. I used HTML, CSS and the popular programming language JavaScript to create an interactive, searchable gallery of photos.

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Video Player

I built an HTML5 video player using JavaScript and the HTML5 Video API. Video, and the interface used to control the video, is increasingly important for many different kinds of web applications, including web site landing pages, blogs, podcasts, product marketing and training.

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CSS Customization

For this client, they reached out to me to add custom CSS to their existing website on Wordpress. They requested a side navigation menu on mobile, so I installed a plugin on their site and added custom CSS to meet their specific needs.

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Web Style Guide

Sass is an important tool in a modern Front End Web Developer’s toolbox. It's used by many developers to make styling web pages with CSS easier and faster. I created this style guide using BEM style classes to quickly prototype and apply a consistent look across multiple pages of a site.

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Registration Form

Web forms appear everywhere online: forms allow users to order books, sign up for web sites, and post to Facebook. This project challenged me to build a responsive, mobile-first registration form using a variety of HTML form elements.

Web Design

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This is a website I built in Wordpress for my Mother's business. She is an artist and recently wanted to start running local art shows, so she needed this website built to let artists get in contact with her.

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This is a one page website I built for a house cleaning company in Northern Virginia.They needed something cheap and simple, so I built this for them using GoDaddy's free website building platform that was included on their plan when they bought their domain.

my work


As a part of the website build team at Digital Pharmacist, we build websites for independent pharmacies. Here is an example of my work.